Shared Accounts

Shared Accounts

This gives you the power to allow other NetBranch members to view, access or transfer money between accounts according to the permissions you enable. It also allows other TVACCU members to grant you access to their accounts according to the parameters they establish.

This Shared Account information will be available to you from within your NetBranch online banking and your TVACCU mobile app.

Simplify with Account Sharing

Account Sharing makes it easy to access or manage accounts between TVACCU members. Grant or receive access based on permissions established by the account holder.

Account Sharing is a valuable interactive account management tool. You can view their balance from your NetBranch account and the TVACCU mobile app. Instantly transfer funds without logging out of your account and much more!

As a TVACCU member, you have access to our powerful online banking platform, NetBranch. With NetBranch, you can grant select family and friends who already have an account at TVACCU access to your accounts, with Shared Accounts. You can limit access to: Allow another Member to transfer money to your account, Allow another Member to view your account balance, Allow another Member to view your account history, or Allow another Member to transfer money from your account within certain limits. You can also receive limited access from other member accounts. To set up this access, both members must agree to the limits and share account numbers with each other.

Both members must be active users of our NetBranch service to take advantage of this service. The authorizing member must grant authorization through their secure, online access via NetBranch’s opening page under "Accounts" and then "Share My Account." Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and within a few clicks, you’re all set!

Account Sharing

An Exciting Feature Within NetBranch Online Banking

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