Legacy Student Checking Account

Ages 15 – 25

Many parents/guardians find that opening a joint checking account with their teen gives them the chance to teach their child the basics of having a checking account while providing close supervision. As a joint owner on your child’s account, you will be able to closely monitor the account as well as transfer to and from the account via your online banking and mobile app. You can also set your personal alerts and parameters for the account. We’ve loaded our Legacy Student Checking with all of our free eServices, along with benefits to help ensure a solid financial base including: Free Checks (1 box per year) & Cash for Good Grades (through high school).

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Legacy Student Account FAQ

1As a joint owner, will I be able to view and make deposits/transfers to and from my child’s account via my online banking or mobile app?
Yes. Make transfers to and from your child’s account from your other TVACCU accounts via your online banking account and via our TVACCU mobile app. You can also set various account alerts including low balance alerts.
2At what age can my child open their own checking account without a joint account holder?
Your child can open their own account when they turn 19.
3What happens when the student turns 26 or graduates from college?
When a Legacy Student Checking Account holder turns 26 or graduates from college (whichever comes first) their account becomes a standard checking account and is no longer considered a Legacy Student Checking account.