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Turn Impulse Purchases Into Instant Savings

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July 17, 2019
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Turn Impulse Purchases Into Instant Savings

You want to put away a little something more each week, but the money somehow just disappears. A takeout dinner today, an iTunes download tomorrow and – boom! – it’s gone. Impulse purchases are small, yet powerful. Powerful enough to destroy the best of intentions.How can you beat the urge to splurge and put that money where it belongs?

The solution is simple: by doing it on the spot.

Instead of telling yourself you’ll add the $4.50 you saved by skipping a latte this morning to your savings account when you get around to it, do it now! Use any of the dozens of money management apps to put that $4.50 into savings instantly.

You’ll watch your savings grow every time you overcome the desire to spend. Seeing your account swell will empower you to say no to senseless spending. Conquer those impulse purchases and let your savings win today!

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