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Wondering how to make your wallet ‘Merry’ this season?

De-Stress Your Holidays
November 30, 2016
December 16, 2016
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Wondering how to make your wallet ‘Merry’ this season?

christmas-walletWhen we think of holiday merriment, it usually involves visions of sugar plums, or at least sugar in the form of our favorite, delectable holiday dessert, dancing in our heads; combined with a heaping dose of goodwill and visiting loved ones. But aren’t we forgetting a very important component of this equation of merriment?   What about the lowly wallet? If he’s not happy…well, you know the rest. So how do we have a Merry Christmas and still have a happy wallet? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Create a Holiday Budget Plan – Making a list and checking it twice is a great idea for more than just our favorite jolly ole elf. By mapping out at least an eight-week list of holiday expenses such as travel, food, and gifts, we’re much more likely to spend wisely and avoid post-holiday debt hangovers.
  • Stuff Your Savings – Before you stuff your turkey, don’t forget to stuff your savings! You can add some extra padding to your savings by cutting down on ‘invisible expenses’ – those easy purchases that you don’t think twice about, but eat up a huge chunk of your budget each month. For example, that $4-morning holiday latte that gets you in the spirit or that lunch out every day with your co-workers. By making a few daily sacrifices, like bringing your lunch to work or skipping the expensive java, you’ll see your savings start to fill out!
  • Know Your Credit Card – With your credit cards tucked away in their cozy little card slots, it’ll be tempting to make the most of them during the holidays. But don’t fire up your spending without first knowing your credit card. Things like interest rate, limits, rewards can make a huge difference. For instance, if you have a TVACCU Visa Credit Card, you can enjoy these perks:
  1. Rate as low as 9.95%
  2. Free Balance Transfer
  3. Scorecard Rewards – each purchase earns you valuable reward points, redeemable for incredible merchandise or travel!
  • Give Your Wallet a Workout – Make your wallet leaner by clearing out the clutter and doing a bit of organizing. Discard or file those old receipts. Organize your debit, credit, and loyalty cards, making the most used the most accessible. A lean and organized wallet will help make shopping a breeze. Next, adopt a strategy for staying organized and keeping up with holiday receipts. You never know when you’ll need to make a return or get a price match after your purchase. Plus, it will help you keep up with your expenses.

Once you’ve followed these simple rules, you’ll be ready to kick off a holiday season that will bring out the merry in everyone, including your wallet!

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